Subject: Woman of Courage: Mona Zahed on Thu Jul 21 at 8pm ET
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Bridges TV NewsLetter Assalam Alaikum.
We look forward to your feedback so as to become a premier network that you will be proud of. You can catch following shows on DISH Network channel 578. To order American Muslim TV, please visit or call 800-333-DISH.

Connecting the Ummah: Simply send us video footage of your community news and events. To become a Bridges TV Field Reporter, please contact Taya Rehem at 716-465-9957 or

Salam America: Pamela Taylor becomes the first woman to lead a mixed gender Friday Services in a mosque. Is this allowed or have they gone too far? An in-depth report and analysis on Tue Jul 19 at 7:30pm ET / 8:30pm PT.

On Boys, Girls and Veil: Bridges TV takes you directly to young men and women who talk about the hijab (headscarf) and its social, political and cultural implications across the world on Tue Jul 19 at 8pm ET / 10pm PT.

Muslims Across America: Dr. Akbar Ahmed of the American University in Washington DC engages in a dialog on Muslim-Jewish relations with Judea Pearl, father of late Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Wed Jul 20 at 7:30pm ET / 8:30pm PT.

Women of Courage: Mona Zahed, a 26 year old Iranian woman, shares eyewitness history of the Iraq-Iran war from the front-line of the twelve year war in Something Like Me on Thu Jul 21 at 8pm ET / 10pm PT.

Between Two Rivers: Bridges TV takes you to Fadam Akram, the birthplace of Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and present day Turkey on Fri Jul 22 at 9:30pm ET / PT.

Prominent Scholars: Dr. Mokhtar Maghrabi provides an inspiring lecture on the Balanced Nature of Prophet Muhammd (pbuh) on Sat Jul 23 at 3pm ET / Noon PT.

Bridges News: Do not miss the daily World News by anchor Ossama Elshamy, a broadcast journalism graduate from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT. News you can trust on Weekdays at 7pm ET / 8 pm PT.

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