Subject: Thank you
From: Bridges TV
Date: 22/09/16 14:45
To: Berat Albayrak

Dear Mr. Albayrak,

Congratulations. Your information has been processed successfully. Welcome to Bridges TV Family. We are in the midst of building the first nationwide American Muslim TV channel in North America.

The American Muslim community has been challenged. We need 10,000 members to convince the American media to carry the Muslim TV channel. We need your help to make this happen. You can help in four ways:

  1. Sign Petition to bring channel to your area
  2. Join Membership to convince American media to carry the Muslim TV channel
  3. Distribute the Membership Form at your mosque
  4. Forward this message to your friends. The link to the membership page is

The time is now to build a Muslim voice in American media.
We sincerely thank you for spreading the word.

Muzzammil Hassan