Subject: Important notice regarding your American Express account
From: "American Express" <>
Date: 22/09/16 14:13

Dear Mr. Albayrak,

According to our records, you have either graduated or your
academic status can no longer be verified. In order to 
continue to offer you the benefits of your current 
American Express(R) Cardmembership, we need to confirm your
current address and graduation date.  Here is the address 
and graduation date we currently have on file for you:

Address we have on record:
W. NEW YORK       NJ07093

Graduation Date: 06/99

Please do not hit reply to this email.   If any of the above is
incorrect, call us by July 02, 2003 to update your information 
at 1-800-678-0745, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

You do not need to contact us if the information above is

Thanks for helping us keep our files current and accurate.  We look
forward to continuing to serve you.


Gordon A. Smith
President, Consumer Cards

P.S. - This communication was also mailed to you.  If you have
already responded, you need not do so again.

This e-mail was sent to If you do not wish to
receive e-mail offers from American Express in the future, please 
reply to this e-mail and type the word "REMOVE" in the subject 
line or visit the E-mail Preferences page on the American Express 
Web site. Allow two to three weeks for your request to be processed.

For details on our e-mail practices, please visit the American
Express Privacy statement at