Subject: Talent Search for nationwide TV shows
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Date: 22/09/16 14:46

Bridges TV NewsLetter

Assalam Alaikum.
Mr. Mujibur Rahiman, a new Bridges TV viewer on Dish Network, writes:

"Alhamdullilah. I am impressed by Bridges News and the anchors of the show are doing a good job."

Mr. Rahiman further suggests a new TV show An American Mosque that would profile a mosque and the community around it. We like the idea and will be selecting a new mosque every week to profile. If you would like our camera crew to cover your mosque / community on national television, please fill out online form at

Bridges TV is available 24x7 in English on DISH Network channel 578. To order American Muslim TV, please visit or call 800-333-DISH. Also see below.

Talent Search: What is your unique gift from God? Are you great at Quran recitation? Can you make people laugh? Is there a standup comic inside you? Has God blessed you with a great voice or poetic genius. Its time to share your unique gift with America! Send us your video or come to our filming venue in your area. For more details, go to

Bridges News: Brings you both the world and the community news supported by Associated Press and Bridges Field Reporters videos. News you can trust on Weekdays at 7pm ET / 8 pm PT.

Muslims Across America: The Dallas, TX chapter of Muslim American Society (MAS) performs the Mercy to Mankind play by Monzer Taleb. Catch a special report on the hard work and the creative talent behind the play. Wed Aug 3 at 7:30pm ET / 8:30pm PT.

Salam America: An in-depth and in-person interview with Raihan, the popular Nasheed Music Band. Find out why this Malaysian band is becoming so popular in North America and the World. Thu Aug 4 at 7:30pm ET / 8:30pm PT.

Please share the above with your friends. Thank you.

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