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Date: 22/09/16 14:45

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Top 10 Shows for the week of Sun Jun 19th

1. Children of Jerusalem [Politics] Meet 9-year old Yacoub and see the complex world from
his simple point of view. Shot on location. Sun Jun 19th & 26th at 9:00pm ET
2. Veggie Table [Food] Let your hosts share a great South Asian delight of spinach,
and then Orzo pie. Record this one! Mon Jun 20th at 10:00pm ET
3. Journey into Islamic China [Travel] Come on location into China to meet one of the
largest Muslim communities in the world. Tue Jun 21 at 10:30pm ET
4. Muslims Across America [People] Grand Opening 2005 of the Islamic Center of America,
Kamal Nawash against terrorism and the family of Malcolm X. Wed Jun 22 at 9:00pm ET/PT.
5. Valley of the Kings [History] Take an excursion through ancient Egypt and see how
history shapes modern day Egyptian culture and everyday life. Thu Jun 23 at 11:00pm ET.
6. True North [Health] An in-depth discussion on medical ethics and difficult choices doctors
and families face and the role of faith. Fri Jun 24 at 11:00pm ET.
7. Jinnah on Crime [Drama] Hakeem Jinnah is an investigative reporter for a major
newspaper. Help him solve a murder mystery. Sat Jun 25 at 10:00pm ET.
8. Prominent Scholars [Religion] Dr. Sulayman Nyang of Howard University and the
MAPS project is the prominent speaker on Fri Jun 24 at 7:30am ET & PT.
9. Salam America [Magazine] Ahmed Soliman, producer of the Born in the USA, a PBS
documentary about American Muslims hosts the show on Wed Jun 22 at 7:00am ET/PT.
10. Bridges News [News] With video coverage of breaking news from around the world
relevant to American Muslims. Weekdays at 7:00pm ET and 8:30pm PT.
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