Subject: Fwd: ottoRen renewable energy venture
Date: 08/09/16 13:33
To: Berat Albayrak


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Egemen BAĞIŞ 

İleti başlangıcı:

Kimden: Carlo Arturo Garuzzo <>
Tarih: 8 Eylül 2016 13:27:03 GMT+3
Konu: ottoRen renewable energy venture

Dear Egemen bay,

I hope this email finds You in good shape.
As per our last conversation, we are living in very interesting and changing times in the field of energy in which I work since ten years.
Everything is moving fast, and powers are shifted and shifting even faster.

As I anticipated by voice, ottoRen venture could be a potential winner in this market place.

Ottoren LLP is a Uk based fund created to consolidate the European Renewable Energy generation market, born from the track record of Italian and Turkish entrepreneur Carlo Arturo Garuzzo, former partner of Serkan Yazici.

Ottoren goal is to acquire 5GWp of solar renewable generation of existing assets in Europe in its first 24 months, with a 20GHw objective in its second iteration.


The European market has passed in August the 100GWh milestone, becoming the largest market in the World, in a unique historical period where the transition between oil and renewable energy is reshaping the geopolitical powers.


While oil and gas is a traditionally consolidated market, residing in few American, Russian and Saudi hands, renewable is today democratic market, with hundred of thousands of owners/investor, mainly financial, attracted by the good and relatively safe bond like yield returns. But soon this situation is going to change, and there is now a window to be at the edge of this change, starting consolidating the european renewable market.


5bn euro added to a leveraged debt, in order of further 50%, can acquire 1000Mwp each of solar energy generation in Uk, France, Spain, Italy and Germany, being the first consolidator in such a fragmented market.

It can put the promoter of such a venture and his backer into an economical and political win win position in Europe.


The economic rationale behind Ottoren project is in fact to generate a net yearly return of 7% after taxes, or 350million euro, to be returned to the investor each year.

The political rationale is even bigger, with the investor owning in the first iteration a 5% of the renewable European market, being by far the largest renewable player, larger than any current utility has in its portfolio, and almost 15% in the second iteration of the fund, will be the largest political player in energy generation of the region.

Owning European energy generation has a hidden leverage and a surplus on the fact that the weight of oil and gas can only diminish while renewable are here to stay for a long period.

The shift is from an American/Russian/Saudi ownership and european dependence to a Turkish ownership of energy generation and a new european dependence on energy that is generated on its soil, with all the political weight connected to it.

An Ottoman renewable power house, owning an important chunk of European energy generation for the next 50 years. An addition to the raise of  the Ottoman new empire.

Please, I am sure the Honorable Berat Albayrak, Turkish Energy Minister, is the perfect person that can understand the geopolitical as well as the economical implications of such a project being in Turkish control.

I will be thankful to You and I think You will also do a service to Your Country if You can convey this message to the Minister, and if of potential interest even organize a meeting for a short presentation.

Warmest Regards

Carlo A Garuzzo
OttoRen LLP