Subject: per our conversation
From: "Hochstein, Amos J" <>
Date: 02/09/16 17:07
To: "" <>

Dear Berat,


It was good seeing you last week and talking this morning.  As we discussed, our team in China has been working to close out the remaining open issues in the G20 Leaders Communique with your people (I believe the Turkish lead Sherpa is Ayse Sinirlioglu).   I  understand that our teams are having a difficult time arriving at agreement on 3 key shared priorities. I would be grateful if you could discuss with your team to find consensus on the below  key priorities:


* Fossil Fuel Subsidies: "Encouragement" for all countries to phase out Fossil Fuel Subsidies by 2025.  A strong block of countries would like to specify a phase out target date of 2025 and are encouraging all countries to support that target.    Note that we are not asking for a specific commitment for G20 countries to phase out Fossil Fuel Subsidies by 2025, only "encouraging" all countries to phase out by that date in furtherance last year's G-20 outcome.


* Heavy Duty Vehicles: We are calling on G-20 countries to "improve efficiency and emissions standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles," and would like to see G20 countries develop their own action plans and timelines to strengthen policies on heavy-duty vehicle emissions, consistent with the expert recommendations of the Transportation Working Group's Energy Efficiency Leading Program action plan.  Turkey is already doing a fair bit of work in this area and we believe should be supporters of this wording.


* Addressing Methane Emissions: There is a strong block of countries supporting making an explicit reference to the importance of working to reduce methane emissions. This block believes that specifically highlighting methane is important to minimize the environmental and climate impacts of natural gas operations, while simultaneously capturing natural gas as a key energy source and revenue stream. We would appreciate your support in this area as well.


Thank you for your help on this - please text me if I can be of more help




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