From: Ilnur Cevik
Date: 22/08/16 16:31


At last the Americans are coming!

By İlnur Çevik

This week several prominent Americans are in Ankara. Some are already here and others are on the way…

NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Army General Curtis M. Scaparrotti is currently visiting Ankara as the guest of Turkish Chief of Staff General Hulusi Akar. The General will reportedly underline NATO’s military solidarity with Ankara but of course he will also see for himself the damage that the failed bloody coup has inflicted on Turkey and especially on the Armed Forces. He too will see how a band of officers affiliated to the Fethullah Gülen terrorist gang marched against the people of Turkey with tanks, armored vehicles, helicopter gunships and F-16 fighters and were defeated by the sheer power of the Turkish people. The general should be impressed on how the people of a NATO ally has struggled for supreme values and democracy…

Added to this visit an American delegation comprised of Justice and State Department officials will be here for two days to discuss Turkey’s extradition request of Fethullah Gülen who was behind the coup plot, a fact that the US is still not “convinced” about.

The delegation will be presented with hard facts yet we also have to remember the fact that sometimes some people do not want to see the ugly facts and prefer to look the other way… The truth may be too hard for them to grasp as they see that at the depths of it all there may be some kind of American involvement which they would prefer not to see.

But facts are facts. There is strong belief in Ankara that Gülen is only a tool who has been manipulated by some people in Washington who are interested in toppling the Turkish government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

There is no one in the Turkish administration who for one minute believes that the US Administration of Barrack Obama was behind the coup plot. Yet there are several people in the administration and outside who strongly believe an anti-Turkish government group has supported, helped and even financed the coup plot. This is a crime in the US which means the American authorities have to look into the case from this perspective.

There is every reason to believe that Gülen is a strong suspect in the coup plot case and yet the fact that he has not even been arrested or put under house custody and has been allowed to frequently threaten Turkey and its people has been a big question mark for the ordinary Turk.

The Americans led by Vice President Joe Biden who will be visiting Ankara on Wednesday should be able to address these issues and put the Turkish minds at ease. We should not be treated to the “ifs” and “buts” as we know well what the Americans are capable of and what they cannot do.

The US Administration should help Ankara get to the bottom of this coup plot case especially when Donald Trump says he knows the names of 13 CIA agents who were involved in the coup plot…

Besides that the US should also see the recent wave of terrorist incidents in Turkey which is a follow up of the coup plot to destabilize Turkey with bomb attacks against civilians. Gülen’s gang is now using the PKK and DEASH (Islamic State terrorists) to destabilize Turkey. These are the same PKK people who are affiliated to the PYD in northern Syria who are fighting the Islamic State terrorists…