Subject: to the point
From: Ilnur Cevik
Date: 11/08/16 14:05
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Why are some people in the West so unhappy with our survival?

By İlnur Çevik

We are really surprised that some of our “friends” in the West do not seem so happy that we managed to foil a bloody coup attempt… We also see with surprise that they do not seem to be that much impressed with the Turkish people braving tanks to halt the coup plotters… They do not seem to be that happy to see five million people of all shades, colors and ideologies turn out at an İstanbul rally to voice their support for democracy and pay their respects for the brave Turks who challenges tanks, helicopter gunships and F-16 fighters…

We would have expected our friends in the West to be elated with the fact that millions of Turks stood up against the coup plotters, defied weapons that were purchased with the money they paid as tax and crowned the Turks as the best democrats of Europe…

We are also surprised that our friends in the West are not at all happy that we have mended fences with Vladimir Putin and that Turkish-Russian relations are now back on course.

We would have also expected them to be happy now that a dangerously explosive situation between Turkey and Russia has been defused and that a potential threat to Western security has been erased.

Friendship and cooperation between Ankara and Moscow only enhances security and cooperation not only in our part of the world but also for world peace. So we would have expected some kind of applause for Turkey from our Western allies…

Then we are also surprised that no one was so impressed when we mended fences with Benjamin Netanyahu which should have been very good news for Middle East peace as well as global security.

So now we are starting to think nothing will impress these people about Turkey as long as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is involved in the issue. They seem to think a Turkey without Erdoğan is an ideal situation which is the greatest mistake the West can commit.

Erdoğan has charged the democratic fire in the Turkish people. He has impressed the Turkish people with his charisma and leadership qualities. He called them into the streets and they obeyed. This never happened in the past as no leader really made an impact on the Turkish people like Erdoğan ever before.

Erdoğan is not only courageous but he has made a special place in the hearts of millions who would defy tanks, armor, F-16s to defend him and Turkish democracy.

Is there another leader in Europe or even the United States that would inspire his people to foil a coup by allowing themselves to become shields against armed coup plotters? If all this boils down to jealousy then people have to start becoming more mature…

Those who call themselves our friends have to realize that if the coup had been successful the coup leaders would have turned Turkey into hell and that is when Turkey would really become a security hazard not only for Europe and the Middle East but for world peace.

So instead of calling for Erdoğan’s ouster or at least his resignation our so-called fiends in the West have to start getting used to the fact that it would be better for them to get used to a world with Erdoğan and find ways to cooperate with him. After all Erdoğan opposes oppression and injustices against the masses of the Middle East as well as in other parts of the world and supports real democratic values that Western Europe and the US also preach.