Subject: comment
From: Ilnur Cevik
Date: 04/08/16 14:43


Would the West rejoice a successful coup in Turkey?

By İlnur Çevik

According to Western “values” military rule, juntas and coups should never be tolerated. Also according to the same values the worst application of democracy is better than the best of the coups… According to the United States and Europe democracy, rule of law, human rights and freedoms are sacred. Or at least this is what they have been preaching us for nearly five decades…

But are these really valid?

There are deep suspicions in the minds of the Turkish people that all these are not really so…

Such suspicions have been going on for the past few years and have been deepened with the terrible performance of the US and European countries in view of the failed coup in Turkey on July 15.

It is fresh in our minds how European governments gave their tacit approval as the Egyptian military toppled the elected government and then installed a junta which now serves as the Sisi administration. It is fresh in our minds that it became apparent that in fact the US engineered this coup in Egypt and is responsible for the current mess in Egypt…

So when the US and European governments failed to vehemently condemn the coup attempt in Turkey and did not rejoice the fact that the Turkish people foiled the military takeover the Turks in general started viewing the coup attempt in a different perspective.

The Turkish people created a legend that night that should have won not only the respect but the applause of any Western democracy. Is there another example in the world in modern times when a nation halts a coup without any arms by resisting the fully armed coup plotters who actually use their weapons against their own people? This act of courage is unmatched. So some people may innocently think the people of these Western democracies were in fact so jealous that they could not acknowledge the courage and democratic maturity of the Turkish nation. That is one explanation.

But there is also a more sinister explanation which many Turks have started to voice and which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has hinted…

The West was not at all happy with Turkey following its own national policies under President Erdoğan. The West felt Turkey should play to the tune of the Western countries led by the US and the aces of the European Union. They felt that Turkey’s independent actions aimed at safeguarding Turkey’s supreme national interests were dangerous to Western interests. So argument has it that they used the Fethullah Gülen terrorist organization to try to topple the elected government in Turkey taking the Egyptian example as a model. Yet they did not take into account the resilience of the Turkish people, their support for democratic values and last but not least the deep affection the Turkish people feel for their president.

President Erdoğan while addressing a crowd of businessmen on Thursday lamented that “had the coup been successful in Turkey I am afraid the Western countries would have rejoiced this with fanfare.”

Many Turks feel that is why not a single European Union official or a leader of a member state has paid a visit to Turkey to voice their solidarity with the Turkish people… What a great shame for the so-called democracies of Europe!